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Sockeye Salmon


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan is recognized as one of the most effective fishery management systems in the world. While fisheries around the world struggle, Bristol Bay consistently returns the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world. Buying Bristol Bay salmon means supporting a fishery, ecosystem, and community that is a model of perpetual sustainability and eco-friendliness

Premium quality

There are 1400+  boats that fish commercially in Bristol Bay every summer. Each boat is independently owned and operated by fishermen.

Every salmon we catch is removed by hand from our nets, then immediately submerged in 33 degree circulating seawater. The fish is then sorted- only the highest quality salmon make it to the fillet line, which guarantees unblemished, rich-tasting, firm flesh – wild Sockeye salmon at its very finest!

Filleted, flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed with cutting edge processing technology, our fresh frozen wild salmon is ready for you to cook and Savor Bristol Bay!

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